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The Geospatial Science Research Group at RMIT hosted the Geospatial Science Research Symposium in December 2014.  The aim of the symposium series is to bring-together colleagues from the academic, research and professional sectors of the geospatial sciences, in its broadest context.

GSR_3 was the third event in this symposium series. It was held at the RMIT City campus, between Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd December, 2014

Papers presented at the symposium were peer reviewed (double-blind) contributions, ‘conference papers’ (full paper, not reviewed) and abstracts of papers.  All Symposium papers are available as online proceedings, with peer reviewed papers identified as such.

Published proceedings:

Proceedings of the Geospatial Science Research 3 Symposium (GSR_3), Melbourne, Australia,, urn:nbn:de:0074-1307-4. ISSN 1613-0073

Available on-line at:


Keynote Dr Kenneth Field, Esri, Redlands, USA

The shifting personalities of map-making

Papers – Session 1

Kinomatics: a global study into cinema data Associate Professor Colin Arrowsmith 

GIS-based approaches to route optimisation for customer directed home care service delivery Dr.Gang-Jun Liu

GIS-based approaches to the identification of spatial clusters of disadvantaged locations in access to essential services and facilities in urban areas. Dr.Gang-Jun Liu 

Invited presentation.

Teaching from the Whole to the Part. Professor Christina Hulbe.

Papers – Session 2

Georecruitment – Reflections on student recruitment in the Geospatial Sciences. Gita Pupedis and Associate Professor Chris Bellman.

GIS and the cloud – Experiences in course development. Associate Professor Chris Bellman and Gita Pupedis.

Papers – Session 3

The Geographic Content of the Cartoons of Gallipoli 1915.  Dr. Antoni Moore

Evaluation of Design Operators for multi-scale map delivery. Craig Molyneux.

Geographic Board Games. Dr. Brian Quinn

Learning from Beck? An evaluation of a proposed new map for Melbourne’s rail system. Professor William Cartwright AM

Public lecture. 

Dr Kenneth Field, Esri, Redlands, USA

Beck to the Future: The London Underground map as a design icon

Invited presentation.

Geospatial Relevance in Dynamic Whole Systems Engineering and Global Governance.  Professor Tim Foresman

Papers – Session 4

Techniques for analysing the relationship between population density and geographical features of interest. Amanda Johnson

“A band on every corner”: Using historical GIS to describe changes in the Sydney and Melbourne live music scenes.  Sarah Taylor 

Sharing field spectroscopy data within large data sharing systems. Dr. Barbara Rasaiah

Invited presentation.

Space Security and Earth Observation: Emerging Investment Decisions for Australia.  Brett Biddington AM

Papers – Session 5

Space situational awareness – protecting our assets in space from pollution (An Australian Perspective)Professor Kefei Zhang

High Accuracy Real-Time Precise Point Positioning using the Japanese Quasi-Zenith Satellite System. Dr. Ken Harima

Strengthening Severe Weather Prediction Using the Advanced Victorian Regional GPS Network − a Recent NDRGS Project. Dr. Suqin Wu

Papers – Session 6

Identifying spectral domains and metrics to quantify burn severity in Australian Dry Sclerophyll Forests. Vaibhav Gupta

Accuracy of forest canopy height estimation using a reduced Airborne Laser Scanning point cloud. Kelly Ross

Automated fish detection in underwater images using shape-based level sets. Dr. Mehdi Ravanbakhsh

Progress towards automation of salmon escapement counts.  Professor Mark Shortis.

Papers – Session 7

The Design and Aesthetics of Urban Data Visualisations. Greg More.

Identifying approaches to usability evaluation. Erin Koletsis.

Considering how innovations in cartography have changed how geography is represented. Professor William Cartwright AM

Invited presentation.

Geographic information expertise. Professor Matt Duckham.


Proceedings are available for the previous two GSR symposia.

GSR_1: Advances in Geospatial Science, Arrowsmith, C., Bellman, C., Cartwright, W., Jones, S. and Shortis, M. (eds), Melbourne: School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences, RMIT. 2013 ISBN: 9781921488276 (pbk.)

GSR_2: Proceedings of the Geospatial Science Research 2 Symposium, Melbourne, Australia, December 10-12, 2012. Arrowsmith, C., Bellman, C., Cartwright, W., Reinke, K., Shortis, M., Soto-Berelov and Suarez Barranco, L. (eds), urn:nbn:de:0074-1328-5.

GSR_4 will most likely be held in December 2016.

The New Zealand conference for GIS and remote sensing research (SIRC) will be held in 2015 (dates and venue TBA). This complements GSR symposia and brings-together researchers in the Australasian geospatial sciences community.


Geospatial Science Research_3 symposium